Inaugural SCVN Regional Meeting

The Sacramento/Central Valley Network recently made history!  thumbs-up

On Monday, May 18, 2009, the SCVN had not only its very first Regional Network meeting, but it was also the first regional meeting of the Network!   The SCVN rocks!  

If you would like to leave comments about the inaugural SCVN Regional Meeting, please click on “blog it” below.  But first read on to discover phenomenal information generated during the Regional Meeting. 


Participants identified one activity from the “Logic Model,” which details activities of the larger Network, that they were most excited about and briefly told why, and they identified one activity from “Benefits to Colleges” that they were most excited about and briefly told why.  Participants put both of these into one “comment” post.  To feel the excitement, check out all the comment posts below by clicking on “blog it.”

Agenda for the SCVN Inaugural Regional Meetingregional-meeting2

List of List of Participants                                              

Regional Meeting Outcomes and Evaluation Form

Compiled List of “What You Would Like to See in the Network”  was partly generated when the SCVN Coordinator made a first site visit to the pilot colleges.  Then the SCVN Regional Meeting participants added additional ideas to this list. 

Nancy Cook’s PowerPoint for the SCVN Inaugural Meeting

During lunch, participants met with someone from a college other than their own and discussed various Successes and Challenges that were occurring on their respective campuses.  These successes and challenges were then written on paper posted on the walls so that participants could share.  The success and challenges from the meeting are also recorded here. 

regional-meeting1Participants selected one of six topics and then got into small groups where they generated ideas/strategies for implementing these topics on their campuses.  Check out the Discussion Topic Ideas generated during the meeting. 

 During a brainstorming session, participants generated content Ideas for Future Meetings.  

Check out Photos and video clips from the Inaugural SCVN Regional Meeting:



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