SCVN Inquiry

While at the BSI Leadership Institute in San Francisco, the Basic Skills Coordinators/Deans from the pilot colleges in the Sacramento/Central Valley Network developed the following Regional Network Inquiry question:

How do we get faculty to take ownership (ongoing engagement in and implementation of) of their professional development in teaching underprepared students?

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Homework Assignment
In order to further discuss and create a process for collecting data and delving into this inquiry question, the BSI Coordinators/Deans of the SCVN pilot colleges who attended the Leadership Institute began by posting below one-page “answers” to the Inquiry question.

Logic Model

Next, the SCVN coordinators/deans created a working logic model for their Inquiry project in order to establish agreed upon outcomes for their project as well as assumptions and activities. This logic model also contains a working timeline and assignments for Inquiry activities. Click here to see the most recent version of the SCVN working logic model.

Focus Groups

One of the ways in which the SCVN is collecting research data in an effort to answer their Inquiry question is by conducting focus groups on a number of campuses within the region.  In  order to begin the process of conducting focus groups, the SCVN team wrote focus group questions and other pertinent documents.  Please access these documents below.

Process for Developing Focus Group Questions

Focus Group Organization

Participant Permission Form

Participant Demographic Questionnaire

Invitation to Join Focus Groups

Focus Group Questions

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