Logic Modeling

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What is Logic Modeling?

During the June 2009 Basic Skills Initative Leadership Institute, the SCVN coordinators/deans learned about logic modeling.  Logic Modeling is a process that helps basic skills committees create outcomes, activities, outputs, and resources for their collges’ collective basic skills efforts.  Logic Modeling allows everyone’s voice to be heard and valued and operates on the premise that all committee members are a “learning team.”   Through the process of Logic Modeling, committee members reach consensus of outcomes and activites for their basic skills efforts.

Sacramento/Central Valley Network Logic Model

Click on the link above to see a working draft of the logic model for the SCVN region.  The draft is not yet complete, but the outcomes have been ageed upon by all coordinators/deans from colleges currently in the SCVN.

Logic Model Training

In August 2009, the four regional network coordinators attended a two-day logic model training session taught by Dr. Christina Christie, Claremont Graduate University, and Michael Harner, graduate student at Claremont Graduate University.   Then Nancy Cook, SCVN Coordinator, later provided logic model training for the SCVN coordinators/deans. Siskiyous Logic Modeling

Logic Modeling at SCVN Colleges

 During logic model training, one of the things we learned is that it is often better to have someone from outside one’scampus initially faciliate the logic modeling process.  So Nancy Cook helped the following colleges get started with their logic modeling process:

ButteGlennCommunityCollegeDistrict American River College Sacramento City College

Butte College                        American River College             Sacramento City College

Logic Model Draft

Cosumnes River College

Feather River

Cosumnes River College           Feather River College

Fresno City CollegeReedley CollegeCollege of the Siskiyous

Fresno City College    Reedley College Logic Model College of the Siskiyous Logic Model


Want to Know More about Logic Modeling?

Kellogg Logic Model Guide

Books on Logic Modeling:

Wyatt Knowlton, Lisa and Cynthia C. Phillips, Eds. The Knowledge Model Guidebook: Better Strategies for Great Results. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage, 2009. ISBN 978-1-4129-5864-6 (paperback).

Logic Modeling in Action

The following videos give a brief glimpse into the logic modeling process at participating SCVN colleges…




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  1. Donna October 6, 2009 at 8:24 am #

    See what I miss when I don’t go the website every week? I love the cartoon. Thanks for posting your videos. It seems that other colleges have many of the same concerns as our college – student success and a good working definition. Good to know that we aren’t alone.