VoiceThread–What’s That?

VoiceThread is a phenomenal way to share information with others online without having to type it.   Instead, you can leave voice messages with your computer’s microphone or with your telephone.   And best of all, you can easily delete your message if you make a mistake.  And if you really would prefer to type your message, you can do that, too!

 VoiceThread is easy to use!  Just click on the link for a quick tutorial demonstrating what VoiceThread is and how to use it.  Once you use it, you’ll see it’s powerful potential for creating community and connection.  And remember, lack of community is one of the top reasons that students drop out of our community colleges.  So check out VoiceThread by watching the easy-to-follow demo, and then begin using VoiceThread to connect with colleagues across our regional network and the state!  Oh, and don’t forget, you can start using VoiceThread in your online and on-ground classrooms, too!  Happy VoiceThreading!


One Response to VoiceThread

  1. Kathy August 5, 2011 at 7:29 pm #

    I can’t believe I’ve been going for years wituhot knowing that.