Recommended Reading

Sense 2008 National Reportguy-and-bookshelves1

Basic Skills as a Foundation for Success in California Community Colleges (aka, the “Poppy Copy”)

Two new Literature Reviews:   Promising Practices for Transitioning Students from Adult Education to Postsecondary Education and Effective Practices for Promoting the Transition of High Shool Students to College.

Constructing a Framework for Success: A Holistic Approach to Basic Skills (aka, “the Basic Skills Handbook”)

The Basic Skills Initiative Web Site (upcoming workshop dates are found here)

wing1 The National Association for Developmental Education Web Site (NADE) 

NADE Logo: The Skills for Learning Are the Wings of Freedom


California is going to start its very own chapter of NADE, called CalADE!  You can become an individual member, or your college can become an institutional member.  For more information, please contact Julie Adams, Executive Director of the Academic Senate, at

The National Center for Developmental Education Web Site (NCDE)


Lives on the Boundary: The Struggles and Achievements of America’s Educationally Underprepared by Mike Rose.  Penguin Books, ISBN 978-0-14-303546-6.   

After Admission: From College Access to College Success by James E. Rosenbaum, Regina Deil-Amen, and Ann E. Person.  March 2009.  Russell Sage Foundation, ISBN# 9780871547552. 

Teaching Unprepared Students: Strategies for Promoting Success and Retention in Higher Education by Kathleeen F. Gabriel.  2008.  Stylus Publishing, ISBN# 978-1-57922-230-7.

What the Best College Teachers Do by Ken Bain.  2004.  Harvard University Press, ISBN# 0-674-01325-5

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