Basic Skills Coordinators/Deans

2008 Basic Skills Coordinators/Deans Workshops

 Basic Skills Coordinators Workshops
In fall 2008, Basic Skills Coordinators Workshops were held in both Northern and Southern California. Contained here is information that was presented and discussed at both of those workshops.

Basic Skills Coordinators/Deans Workshop:  September 17-18, 2009–Newport Beach

Basic Skills Coordinators/Deans met in Newport Beach to discuss issues, meet new contacts, and share in collegiality. While at the workshop, Coordinators/Deans discussed Action Plans, buy-in, maintaining successful programs and practices, and created a rubric to measure proposed activities. Following are the documents used and/or created at the workshop.

Official Action/Expenditure Form and Instructions

Action Plan Review

Ways to achieve ownership/buy-in

Effective methods for maintaining successful programs and practices

Rubric created to measure activity proposals that come to Basic Skills Committees

Summary of Presentations

For a summary of all presentations made during the two-day Basic Skills Coordinators/Deans Workshop, please click here.  

Basic Skills Tune-up Kit

Click on the link below to go to a file containing the “Tune-up Kit” and corresponding “Rubric” developed under Gary Colombo’s subgroup of the 2009 ESL/Basic Skills Professional Development Grant Steering Committee. It is for use with your local BSI Action Plans.

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