mission-college-bsi-retreat11Video Release Form

Mission College BSI Retreat 

At Mission College’s BSI Retreat, participants, working in groups by Strand, selected goals from the Action Plan, and created strategies for achieving those

 Mission College BSI Retreat participants worked on creating shared vision.  In four groups, attendees wrote vision statements based upon their shared values or beliefs.

Steering Committee
A presentation to the BSI Steering Committee explains the importance of and the process of building the Network.

 The Basic Skills Initiative and Community College Libraries Conference
Held at Diablo Valley College, this conference focused on discussing ways librarians could get involved in helping basic skills students be more successful. 

bsi-and-librariesAttendees worked in small groups and from a pre-made list, chose an effective practice from the Poppy Copy.  Then based on the effective practice each group chose, the group members generated ideas for creating library services programs and/or activities that would help basic skills students succeed.  Once program/activity ideas were generated, then groups worked on creating strategies for how they would implement these programs/activities on their own campuses.  Watch video clips of these groups in action! 

Participants were asked to share the greatest challenges they face in trying to implement library sevices that will help basic skills students be more successful as well as some solutions to those challenges.

ASCCC Central/Sacramento Regional Workshop, April 30-May 1, 2009

Participants at the Central/Sacramento Workshop identified activities and/or programs in which their colleges excel and those in which their colleges are challenged.

The North State REACH Colleges (Regional Educational Alliance for Achieving HigherEd) met on May 8, 2009 and discussed ideas for creating meaningful BSI staff development activities for their faculty, administrators, and staff.

Inaugural Sacramento/Central Valley Network Regional Meeting, May 18, 2009

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