The Network: FCC’s Presentation at SSSC

Fresno City College’s Donna Cooper and Janine Nkosi presented at the Strengthening Student Success Conference: Embracing & Leading Change this October.  Presenting in the “Rethinking the Developmental Sequence” strand, Donna and Janine illustrated a different approach to addressing the important concerns of retention, persistence, and success in basic skills courses.

Couldn’t be in LA at the conference?  Attending a different presentation and couldn’t be in two places at once? 

The Network: A Three-Semester Learning Community for Basic Skills Students

Community colleges are looking for ways to improve student success. How does a college create successful outcomes for students who start at the lowest levels of reading, writing, math and ESL? This workshop will provide a case study of Fresno City College’s process to address the needs of basic skills students. The Network’s Pilot First Year Experience program is designed with basic skills students in mind and spans nine departments and six divisions. The program provides students with the math, reading, writing and ESL courses they need beginning with their first semester of college. Come hear how they were able to launch such an ambitious endeavor and brainstorm with the facilitators and participants specific strategies to pilot or adapt existing first year experience programs.

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