It Takes a College to Build a Student – San Joaquin Delta College

The Central Valley represented itself on Friday, March 15 at San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, CA.  Representing community colleges from Fresno up to Sacramento, nearly 40 faculty, staff, and administration attended the Habits of Mind workshop It Takes a College to Build a Student.  Graciously hosted by San Joaquin Delta, the group gathered for four hours to discuss the mental habits that both successful and unsuccessful students demonstrate during their academic careers, highlighting how to teach, develop, and encourage these habits in students to increase their chances of success.  Here’s one group showing how to encourage students to set goals, pose potential problems, and to apply past knowledge on how to solve those problems:


Overall, the day was fun and engaging.  The discussion was vibrant as colleagues from different departments and different colleges discussed their students, the obstacles they face, and how to better guide their success.  It is clear we have passionate, engaged, and caring faculty here in the Central Valley, and it was an absolute pleasure to be a part of this event.

Unable to attend the event that day?  Or want to refresh your memory of the day and the discussion?

Below you’ll find a copy of the PowerPoint presentation for your use.  As well, during our discussion that day, we commented on other videos that showcase the work of Dweck and Duckworth.  Here’s the video for Dweck and Duckworth’s TED talk.

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