“Bring It On!”: Central Valley 2014 – 2015

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We’re writing in from 2014’s Strengthening Student Success Conference, and seeing everyone do such amazing things at their colleges is inspiring. This morning our keynote speaker, Dr. Francisco Rodriguez, reminded all of us how difficult and important our work is at California community colleges.  He said that we do our jobs with traditionally underfunded budgets, and with this we teach students who are unprepared for college, but we go in every day, and we say, “Bring it on!”  We are dedicated to our work despite the many challenges we face.  In order to really do our best, though, we need the support of each other.

With Dr. Rodriguez’s thoughtful advice in mind, I want to take a minute and remind you all of the wonderful events 3CSN has planned this year, all of them designed to support classroom practice, develop leadership, scale up effective programs/practices, improve student success, and effect institutional change.

In particular, I want to remind everyone in the Central Valley of two important upcoming events.  The first is LINKS 10, happening on October 17th at Clovis Community College.  Initially, LINKS 10 was only scheduled to be in the North and South this year, but because of popular demand by Central Valley participants, 3CSN agreed to host one in the Central Valley.  LINKS 10, entitled “Taking the Lead: Building Sustainable Professional Learning,” will focus on how to foster professional learning in your area, reflecting and building upon  what it means to be a professional learner.  Take the lead and register for this event now through the 3CSN Events Page, or you can register directly through Eventbrite.

The second event is a one-day workshop introducing Reading Apprenticeship on November 14th at the College of the Sequoias.  This event will introduce faculty across the disciplines to think about how reading is disciplinary and how we can apprentice our students into being successful readers in each of our areas of focus.  Again, you can register for this event now through the 3CSN Events Page, or you can register directly through Eventbrite.

As well, below is a copy of 3CSN’s 2014 – 2015 Save the Dates Flyer so that you can keep up with other 3CSN events happening around the state this semester and next.  Remember, too, that you can always contact Erik Armstrong or Donna Cooper, your Regional Coordinators, if you have any questions.

Bring It On!

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